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Alida CXM: The Customer Experience Management Platform | Alida



Alida CXM was designed for brands that don’t just care about listening to the voice of their customer but want to action these insights across their business to close the feedback loop. With Alida CXM, brands can take in customer feedback, perform automatic actioning using a configurable rule engine, create and manage cases and have complete visibility into key customer experience metrics such as NPS®. Alida CXM empowers brands to action customer feedback to constantly foster and deepen brand loyalty and advocacy.


  • Rely on one platform to automate and centralize essential CXM activities

    Fully integrated with Alida Surveys, Alida Sparq, and Alida Analytics to enable a holistic customer experience program with customizable survey templates, configurable dashboards, and integrated case management to close the feedback loop.

  • Exceptional support and guidance

    Maximize the value of your CXM initiatives with our world-class Customer Success and Value Engineering teams that provide best practice guidance to help evolve your CXM program and meet business objectives.

  • Alida provides the expertise and capability to collect and action both broad feedback as well as deep insights. With the Alida CXM and insights platform, you can manage, monitor, and optimize millions of customer experiences and unlock meaningful insights from your deeply-profiled insight community members. Alida built the world’s first CXM and insights platform so that you can rely on the power of & to put your customers’ truths into action.


  • Deepen Customer Loyalty and Advocacy

    Close the loop to demonstrate your understanding and empathy around customer feedback.

  • Reduce Churn

    Reinforce a positive experience or rectify a negative one by actioning customer feedback.

  • Understand the Health of CXM Initiatives

    In addition to a global view of NPS, you can also identify areas and trends that are resulting in customer dissatisfaction and take proactive steps to improve customer experience.

  • Reduce Cost

    Leverage automation to significantly reduce the amount of resources required to close the feedback loop and enable more frequent feedback collection and use of larger sample sizes to meet business needs.

It's how some of the world's best brands create experiences their customers love.

Transform your customer experience with deep Insight and broad feedback

Collect meaningful and actionable customer insights to help you deliver differentiated and innovative experiences.